To build, develop, and serve a robust network of LGBTQ+ professionals of African descent.


Professional Development

We strive to elevate the profile and visibility of LGBTQ+ professionals of African descent.

Networking & Engagement

We facilitate connections, networks, and friendships as we navigate our professional lives based on the unique profile of our membership.

Community Service

We give back to our community by becoming role models for our youth.

Arts & Culture 

We work to develop our community through the presentation of events that inspire continuous learning and growth.


Rolodex was started on May 21, 2011 after the founder, Luzerne McAllister II, observed that while there were small informal networks of black gay men meeting socially, there were no larger, more formal professional networks for this same population. After speaking about the idea with a few close friends, he decided to create a Facebook Group geared towards black gay men in finance and consulting.

Over the next year, the group, which focused on quality of membership over quantity, grew to over 50 members and ended its first year of existence with a weekend-long mini-conference in June of 2012. Since then the group has grown to over 250 members in cities such as New York, Washington D.C., Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, Paris, and London.

Leveraging the time and energy of only its members, Rolodex has hosted over 50 internal events from 2012 to 2019 that range from social networking events to private museum visits to informative panels. In addition, given one of the purposes of the organization is to ensure that the voices of black LGBTQ+ professionals are included in both the LGBT and People of Color communities, members of Rolodex have attended over 50 events since 2012 hosted by other organizations.

Today, Rolodex continues to focus on the empowerment of its members. This is accomplished not only via online dialogue and in-person learning and fellowship, but also through service events geared towards helping, mentoring, or coaching LGBT youth of color.


  • Membership targeted to reach 400+ in 2020

  • Rolodex Global Services 501 (c)(3) will be launched in 2020

  • Rolodex Recruiting services to start in 2021

  • Haus of Melanin brand is fully launched internationally with its first trip in 2021

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